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Gary Lee McKimmie has been in SouthTown and SunSet Studios creating a new album entitled: "U.S.422 - ROCK & ROOTS". The album is comprised mostly of original material with some covers. As each song is completed and approved for the final project, they will be released here at the website first. You, the Listener, will be notified ahead of time via the GLM Newsletter, this website and Facebook as to specific release dates. So, please be sure to sign up for the GLM Newsletter or check back here frequently. There will be samples of each song so you can get an idea of what you are in store for. When the entire album and artwork is completed, Cd's will first be available at this website and possibly Vinyl. Eventually distribution at popular music sites such as ITunes, Amazon and CD Baby will be added later.
                                                            Album Credits To Date...

Gary has been working with drummer and recording engineer Randy Fitz from SouthTown Studio on the project. Additional recordings and overdubs have been worked on at SunSet Studio in Cleveland, Ohio.  Also, bassist Christopher Brady has contributed to almost all of the songs.  

Time and effort is being taken to ensure quality and soul is on each song. Only when it has become Rock and Roll, will each song be released! Here is a list of the songs currently in rotation and being considered for the finished album.
                                          (no specific order.) Note.. All original compositions have an * sign before them:
            Stay tuned in for more news.. As always, Thank you for your time and support.. PEACE and Keep on a Rockin'..    


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